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You are looking for an internship in Peru? The team of Stages Pérou facilitates your research and your arrival in Peru!

Adaptation of your CV to the Latin American standards, connections with companies and coaching before the interview, we support you in the overall process to find an internship in Peru!

Why make an internship in Peru?

Peru has the most stable political system in Latin America and has been ranked 2nd most favourable country to start a business in South America – Peru has been enjoying an economic growth for the last 10 years and long-term employment opportunities are growing.
Companies in Peru are seeking for talents with outstanding skills to expand their activities and become competitive worldwide.
Tourism, import-export, cultural development, the mining industry, Internet and web intelligence, engineering are growing!

Peru has premium job offers and qualitative lifestyle in a unique part of the World!

In which field could you work ?

Our internship offers in Peru are in the field of:

  • Tourim
  • Services
  • Mining industry
  • International trade
  • Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Business
  • Architecture

Internships in peru

Required level of Spanish and experience to find an internship?

Ability to lead a conversation (on the phone / face-to-face)
Basic oral and written skills for administrative documents

We can provide you with recommendations regarding affordable lessons of Spanish to boost your speaking and understanding skills in one week.

Basic experience and a specific degree according to the desired field can be requested.

In addition to an amazing professional experience, doing your internship in Peru gives you the opportunity to develop your intercultural skills and to travel and discover local treasures (Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Canyon de Colca, … )


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