FAQ (visa, cost of living, insurance …)

When to subscribe and fill in the form to find an Internship or Volunteering in Peru?

Send us your application and fill in the form (CV and desired mission) as soon as possible.

The selection process, the interviews, the search for a company satisfying your wish can take from a few weeks to a few months.

The relevance in the choice of the internship to carry out your professional project is essential. We want to offer you the best internship opportunities matching your wishes.

What’s the cost of living in Peru?

Peru is an affordable country to live in; the costs of living are 3 times cheaper than in the US. The costs are higher in big cities (mainly Lima).
To live in Lima will cost you approximately a $600-$700 monthly budget ($400 for the accommodation, $200 for the food and the additional expenses)

Do I need a Visa to do come to Peru

When doing an internship in Peru the only legal obligation is that your passport needs to be valid until a day posterior to your return back home.

Can I take Spanish lessons before starting my journey in Peru?

Indeed, we can send you a list of languages institutes where you can sign up for classes before starting your volunteering in Peru.

The aim of this experience abroad is to become fluent in Spanish and we recommend taking Spanish lessons to boost your speaking and understanding skills in a few weeks.

Do I have to subscribe an international insurance?

It is mandatory to subscribe an insurance to protect your physical person during your stay in Peru. We can recommend different organisations to you.

Let us know your wish and find your internship or Volunteering in Peru!

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