Why choose Peru for an Internship or Volunteering ?

To do an internship or a Volunteering in Peru offers you the opportunity to live a unique experience in a multifaceted country.

You will improve your Spanish (3rd most spoken language in the World), moreover you will discover a fast-paced growing country with a thousand years of culture, some unique landscapes and a very rich gastronomy!

A booming economy

The Peruvian economy has been growing sharply for the last 15 years (the national GDP has doubled in 10 years time!) and is one of the most important in South America. Peru can be considered as the most competitive country of this continent.

A unique natural and cultural wealth

Peru is the 3rd largest country in South America – behind Brazil and Argentina. It is repleted with breath-taking landscapes and a unique biodiversity in the World.

The Country is divided in 3 zones:

  • The “Costa” (the ocean-side) , along the Pacific Ocean, with an arid climate and the largest cities including Lima
  • The Sierra (the mountain) shaped by the Andes mountains and its jewels (Macchu Picchu, Titicaca Lake, ..)
  • The “Selva” (the jungle) composed by the Amazon rainforest – which represent 60% of the country – and its amazing biodiversity

The best gastronomy in South America

Peru is famous for the richness and diversity of its gastronomy – one of the most diverse on Earth ( A world record has been achieved with 491 different dishes)
As the consequence of a wild land with a millennium history and immigration waves across the centuries (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, …) , the Peruvian gastronomy will delight you with its diversity and quality.

Considered as the central point of the South American influences, Lima is known as the Gastronomic Capital of South America!

A country for sports lovers and adventurers

From the Pacific beaches to the peaks of the Andes, Peru is a playground for sport and adventure lovers.

For reasonable prices, you can practise:

  • Surf: Peru offers incredible conditions; the Pacific coast is waved by an on-going swell all year long. Many schools teach surf on the beach of Lima.
    You are afraid of the water? You can surf on sand dunes in the south of Lima
  • Trekking / Mountain biking: With breath-taking landscapes and legendary treks, Peru is a paradise for hikers and bikers. You can climb some peaks at any level, ways for beginners to experts are available
  • Rafting / Kayak: In the region of Arequipa, Cuzco and Tambopata, deep canyons allow you to practise rafting. Lake Titicaca (the highest on Earth) is an incredible and peaceful place for kayaking.
  • Paragliding / Hang-gliding: Enthusiastic about the opportunity to fly? You can fly over Lima and the Pacific in taking off from the Costa Verde. Near Cuzco, it is possible to fly over the mythical Sacred Valley and its Inca ruins.